Las Vegas, Nevada
October 17,18 & 19, 2014

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  October 17, 2014 (Friday)        8:00 PM     buffet dinner at the Le Village (Paris Casino and Hotel
  October 18, 2014 (Saturday)     10 AM to 5 PM    picnic at the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park
  October 18, 2014 (Saturday)     8:00 PM     dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe (Palazzo casino & hotel)
October 19, 2014 (Sunday)     11:30 AM     lunch at the Salo-salo Restaurant

The Las Vegas reunion just ended but even before the attendees left for home after enjoying various events these last three days, there were already suggestions to have another get-together next year. After considering various venues, it was agreed to have the next reunion in Hawaii in October 2015. Dely Calbes Bowling has volunteered to look for possible accommodations for this Hawaiian sojourn.

The Las Vegas reunion was attended by the following:

Letty Abad Chard and husband Doug
Letty Sarcia Pascual and husband Brig
Cora Domingo Bock and husband Rick
Dely Calbes Bowling and husband Harold
Rene Ricafranca and wife Maria
Cesar Cruz and wife Becky
Nelson Reyes and wife Betsy
Victor Vitug and wife Anita
Dorie Sarthou Kalambakal and husband Danny
Charito Misa and husband John
Didi Quismundo Stevens and family (Deanna, Bucky and Barry)
Susana Cunanan Harwood
Julie Riggan and cousin Mate
Perla Yap Ramos
Julia del Rosario Cruz
Juanita Olmedo Lerma
Ernie Lapid
Tony Paz
Remy Nicasio Marciales

To all those who came especially from out of state - thank you once again for coming and for contributing to the Las Vegas economy.

It was generally felt by the attendees that at our age and with the health issues that most of us are experiencing, we should grab every opportunity to enjoy each others' company as much as we can. So folks, please mark and reserve the month of October 2015 in your calendars for our next gathering - we will keep you posted as we get more details for this next happening. Don't hesitate to share with the group any suggestions you may have for this planned reunion.

The pictures taken during the Las Vegas reunion will be posted as soon as our photographers get home. For those with facebook accounts, there are some pictures already available for viewing.

Remy Nicasio Marciales

Reunion Log
by Nelson Reyes

Las Vegas Reunion - October, 2014
by Cesar Cruz

[Source: Nelson Reyes]

Dely Calbes Bowling
Ave Maria Rendition
(Source: Nalson Reyes (link)
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From left cw: Maria, Rene, Tony, Doug Chard, Dely A B, Harold B, Nelson, Betsy at the Paris Le Buffet

Betsy, Dely, Susan and Perla. That's Harold of
the DhB Ensemble. Dely toasting JD

Beautiful girls aging very well! Julie Riggan,
Julia del Rosario Cruz and Perla YR

"As I was saying..." Cesar Cruz

Smiles worth a thousand and one words.
Susan Harwood in blue, Julie, Julia and Perla

Godfather SmQ listening seriously. Cesar explaining his way
out of trouble..."Not my fault...the tommy gun jammed."
Becky, Cesar's wife is nonchalant as well as Perla.


Kare Kare, Dinuguan, Ginisang Bagoong, Puto, Kutsinta, Leche Flan, Bibingka, Embotido, Pancit, Sotanghon, Fresh Lumpia, Fresh Fruits, Bottled Water Chocolate Cake, Live Entertainment by the DhB Ensemble (DelyharoldBowling), all downed with Asimont Red Wine from the DhB Wine Cellars..
.   .   .  .Life is Good!

Oasis at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park near Las Vegas
Saturday, October 18, 2014

[Front Row] Julie R,  Letty P,  Cora B,  Ernie L,  Tony P [2nd Row] Mate (Julie's cousin),
Susan H,  Julia C,  Perla YR,   Letty C,  Remy M,  Didi S,  Rene R,   Charito M

[BackRow] JDnelson,   Doug (Letty C's husband)

[Source: Letty Pascual]





[Source: Perla Yap Ramos]