Mr. S. Palaypay

Ms. H. Alfante
Asst. Principal

Ms. P. Limuco

Ms. J. Pabalan

Ms. F. Nicasio

Ms. A. Nilo

Mrs. V. Del Rosario

Ms. F. Arceo

Ms. L. Mier

Mrs. A. Samson

Ms. Leogarda

Ms. F. Bugayong

Ms. L. Santos

Ms. A. Santiago

Mrs. M. Inductivo

Mr. A. Gallardo

Mr. M. Rivera

Ms. Suarez

Mr. Luis Sabangan

Ms. Rosario Blaquera

Ms. F. Dacanay

Ms. G. Pascual

Mrs. Gomez

Ms. Pablo

Ms. R. Penero

Class Advisers ( 4th Year )

    IV-1    Ms. Paz Limuco
    IV-2    Ms. Josefa Pabalan
    IV-3    Ms. Felisa Nicasio
    IV-4    Mrs. Virginia del Rosario
    IV-5    Ms. Fidela Arceo
    IV-6    Ms. Lourdes Mier
    IV-7    Ms. Librada Santos
    IV-8    Ms. Felicidad Bugayong
    IV-9    Ms. Aurea Santiago
    IV-10   Ms. Soledad Estremera
    IV-11   Mrs. Zenaida Abesamis
    IV-12   Mr. Artemio Gallardo
    IV-13   Mrs. Aurea Samson

    IV-14    Mrs. Maura Inductivo
    IV-15    Mrs. Lourdes Estrada
    IV-16    Mr. Miguel Rivera
    IV-17    Ms. Paz Jose
    IV-18    Ms. Angela Santos
    IV-19    Mrs. Asuncion Pasola
    IV-20    Mrs. Brigida Salvador
    IV-21    Mrs. Aurea Nilo
    IV-22    Ms. Rosario Blaquera
    IV-23    Mr. Luis Sabangan
    IV-24    Ms. Lucia Cucio
    IV-25    Ms. Dalisay Pacheco
    IV-26    Mrs. M. Lopez

A Tribute: Ms. Magdalena R. Tapang

The C. Arellano High School community and the Division of Manila lost one of its pillars in Journalism education
with the death of Ms. Magdalena R. Tapang on October 17,2014 at her home in Bagna, Malolos, Bulacan.

'Tita Nena' as she is fondly called by her wards and friends spent her teaching career as the adviser of Ang Tambuli,
the official Filipino newspaper of C. Arellano High School.

During her time in late 1960s and 1970s, the twin papers of the school, Ang Tambuli and The Chronicler,
were the envy of other schools not only in Manila but also throughout the Philippines because of its consistent
harvests of wins and awards. Her excellent performance as school paper adviser and teacher merited her promotion
as Division of Manila Supervisor in Journalism. She held the position until she retired from the service.